Steve Harvey’s unexpected outfits are getting memed by anime fans

Virginia Glaze
Steve Harvey drip memed by anime fans
Twitter: @IAmSteveHarvey / Viz Media

Family Feud host Steve Harvey is going ham in the fashion game — but his new outfits are proving to be the perfect meme fodder for Photoshop-savvy netizens.

Steve Harvey is a presence that has delighted the internet for years. His humorous reactions on the televised game show, Family Feud, have resulted in a slew of hilarious and timeless clips across the internet.

However, it’s not a particularly funny episode of Family Feud that has the internet talking right now; instead, it’s the unexpected drip Harvey has been unleashing on his Twitter feed that is taking social media by storm.

It’s clear that whatever Harvey is doing is working. His stylist is certainly upping his fashion game to the nth degree — but the fact that he’s switching up his usual suit and tie for more current trends has the net rolling with laughter.

Jujutsu Kaisen

In fact, quite a few netizens have put their Photoshop skills to use to create some priceless edits of Steve Harvey as random anime and comic book characters… and they’re nothing short of perfect.

Take this tear-inducing edit of Harvey as Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen, for example. The pose, the leather pants, and the blue jacket just scream “jujutsu sorcerer.”

Dragon Ball

Someone else took the same photo and transformed the game show host into Dragon Ball’s Trunks. We’re definitely seeing the attitude all over this pic.

The Matrix

Yet another photoshopped Harvey into a scene from the Matrix. The all-black ensemble, complete with a swishing trench coat, fit perfectly in the Construct (just in time for the new movie’s release, too).

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Still more fans transformed him into Yu-Gi-Oh’s Yugi, Sonic, and who could forget Josuke and his trusty stand, Crazy Diamond.

It’s clear that anime fans are going wild for Steve Harvey’s latest outfits. Who knows — maybe his stylist got inspired by anime fashion. Either way, we’re so here for… whatever this phenomenon is.