MrBeast challenges T-Series to sub count face-off “for PewDiePie”

Virginia Glaze
mrbeast-wages-war-pewdiepie-t-series-subscriberYouTube: PewDiePie, T-Series / Instagram: Feastables

YouTube star MrBeast has officially challenged T-Series to a sub count face-off “for PewDiePie,” after helping the Swede wage war against the Indian music label many years ago.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is currently YouTube’s most-subscribed independent creator — but this wasn’t always the case.

Up until 2022, Swedish creator Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg reigned supreme on the platform; but he, too, was knocked down a peg at one point by Indian music label ‘T-Series.’

T-Series is the number-one most subscribed channel on YouTube, which officially beat out PewDiePie back in 2019 after a fierce war erupted between the Swede’s fanbase and Bollywood fans.

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pewdiepie-frustrated-japan-health-restrictions-babyYouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie was YouTube’s most-subscribed creator – but was ultimately toppled by T-Series, then MrBeast.

MrBeast was in the trenches leading the charge, even appearing at the Super Bowl with a giant sign asking fans to “Subscribe to PewDiePie.”

Although T-Series eventually took the top spot on YouTube, PewDiePie remained the platform’s most-subscribed independent creator until last year, when MrBeast took that title away from him.

MrBeast takes aim at T-Series as YouTube subscriber gap closes

Despite this, the two stars are on good terms, and even met up in Japan to supposedly film a video together — but now, it looks like the gap is closing between MrBeast’s channel and that of T-Series.

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Currently, MrBeast is the second most-subscribed channel on YouTube, running behind T-Series by just 73 million subscribers.

MrBeast took note of this comparison and vowed to take his revenge on the label “for PewDiePie,” waging a ‘war’ on the rival channel in a tweet posted on August 5.

Fans are already lining up in support of MrBeast, hoping that the YouTuber can overtake his longstanding rival — but this isn’t the first time Donaldson has waged war against T-Series.

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In fact, MrBeast made similar comments earlier this year after a fan asked if he thought he could ever overtake T-Series.

“Easily,” MrBeast answered. “I’ll get revenge for Poods.”

For now, MrBeast is still in second place… but it’s unsure how long T-Series will remain on top.

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