MrBeast breaks down his incredible PewDiePie advertisement at the Super Bowl

Mrbeast Breaks Down His Incredible Pewdiepie Advertisement At The Super BowlYouTube: MrBeast

The Super Bowl is the largest single television event of the year, which makes sense that popular YouTuber MrBeast would choose the big game as the opportune moment to advertise for people to subscribe to Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg.

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The largest YouTuber on the platform has had his top spot threatened for months from Indian music label T-Series, which led to hordes of content creators rallying on PewDiePie’s behalf to prevent the overthrow.

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In his latest video, MrBeast took his audience on a wild journey through Super Bowl Sunday with the main objective of advertising PewDiePie to the millions of viewers tuning into the game.

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MrBeast had the idea of commissioning special blankets to take to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium where the big game would be held.

The blankets would be a bit risky, however, leading them to wear sweatshirts that read ‘Sub 2 PewDiePie’ when lined up together as a backup plan.

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On gameday, the crew tried to get in with their blankets, but were immediately asked to throw them away. With backups in place, though, they were still confident their plan would work out.

MrBeast and company were sitting slightly to the left behind the goal post that would allow them to be on screen if a team were to attempt a kick in their direction.

Well at 5:35 in the first quarter the Patriots lined up for a quick, but it missed to the left, directly where MrBeast and friends were positioned.

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Although watchers were either reeling or cheering from the miss, the scheme had accomplished its goal. The team were able to get their message on the big screen for everyone to see.

MrBeast had an improbable goal, but through persistence, planning, and a kick that went wide left, the team saw their insane mission through.

It seems to have paid off, too, as PewDiePie’s lead over T-Series has grown to almost 150,000 despite having fallen to only 40,000 prior to the Super Bowl. 

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