Mr Beast’s new charity ‘Beast Philanthropy’ is already making a huge difference for people in need

Mr Beast Philanthropy making difference in communitiesYouTube: Beast Philanthropy

Internet star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is taking his charitable side to the next level with his brand-new YouTube channel, Beast Philanthropy, which is already making a huge difference in five of his local communities.

Mr Beast may be one of the biggest content creators out there, but he’s not big on showing off his new Teslas or bragging about lining his own pockets.

Instead, this influencer is all about making a difference in the lives of people in need, and has uploaded a slew of videos as a testament to this fact. Who could forget his “free car dealership” and his “free bank,” where he literally gave cash to needy people in his community? (Or that time he helped plant 20 million trees before 2020?)

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While Mr Beast has been itching to start a food bank for some time now, it seems that he’s finally started the project with the help of his new YouTube channel, Beast Philanthropy, which he advertised in a Tweet on June 27.

The channel already boasts 5 videos, which have helped sustain his charity — a project he admitted wasn’t feasible without regular income, and is now funded by viewers of the new channel. Mr Beast explained that 100% of the earnings from Beast Philanthropy will go to his charity by the same name.

So far, Mr Beast and co. have given away over 550 million pounds of food and have been able to feed five communities “every single month.”

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MrBeast accused of bullying by former editorsYouTube
Mr Beast has undertaken some mind-blowing challenges in the past, but this might be one of his biggest accomplishments yet.

They’ve also given a huge helping hand to local food banks and charities that were petering out of business, so they can continue to serve their communities.

“We are literally putting over 100,000 pounds of food into the hands of people who need it the most,” Donaldson said of his charity.

As for the most impressive part about Mr Beast’s new project? This was just what they were able to accomplish in the month of June, alone. With over 4.7 million subscribers already, there’s no telling what the YouTuber will go on to do in the future — and his fans are following him every step of the way.

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