MrBeast’s Team Trees smash $20 million goal with days to spare

Andrew Amos
Twitter: Team Trees

The Team Trees initiative started up by Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has hit its goal of $20 million before January 1, with the YouTuber expressing his thanks to everyone that supported the endeavor. 

MrBeast is known for giving out insane amount of money to people, but now he’s managed to organize one of the internet’s most successful charity drives with the Team Trees campaign.

The internet banded together to help the YouTuber reach his $20 million goal by January 1, and they did so with days to spare, breaking it on December 19.

Instagram: MrBeastMrBeast and his crew of over 600 YouTubers has raised over $20 million for Team Trees.

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The Team Trees initiative was set up in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation program, where each dollar donated was a tree planted. With MrBeast’s influence, the campaign got off to an explosive start, with more than $4 million raised in the first 24 hours.

Team Trees garnered the attention of massive names including Elon Musk, who donated $1 million to the initiative, as well as Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Jeffree Star, and a host of other stars.

The trend took the internet by storm, hitting the top of both YouTube and Twitter shortly after its release.

MrBeast has expressed his gratitude for everyone who supported the champion, which blew up the internet in October. The YouTuber himself donated $200,002 to the campaign

“Thank you so much to the over 500,000 different people that donated and the hundreds of influential people that promoted the campaign,” he said. “Team Trees was more than planting 20 million trees, it was a movement that shows we care and we want to make change.”

Matt Fitzgerald, the campaign director, also thanked the community for banding together. 

“20 million trees — in less than two months — is an incredible accomplishment and it belongs to all of us,” he said on the campaign’s official account. “Whether you donated, created content, or simply told your friends about Team Trees, this win is yours.”

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Even the official YouTube account congratulated MrBeast and others for their hard work on the drive. “You did it,” it said. “Thank you Mr Beast, Mark Rober and all of the creators who made this a reality.”

People can still donate to the Team Trees initiative until January 1, with all proceeds going to the Arbor Day Foundation.

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