Mr Beast starting whole new YouTube channel for huge food bank project

Mr Beast stands next to the YouTube logoInstagram: mrbeast

YouTube’s favorite young philanthropist Mr Beast has announced that he has secured a warehouse for a brand new YouTube channel where 100% of the proceeds from ad revenue, merch, and brand deals will go to charity.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has made waves in theYouTube world with his large scale and often ridiculously high budget videos, each racking up view counts in the tens of millions.

While his content is very lighthearted, focusing on giving back to his online community with enormous prizes such as the likes of houses or Lamborghinis, he is also a keen giver to charity.

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The 22-year-old has used money gained from his huge internet presence to make crazy videos like giving $100,000 to a homeless man, presents to children’s hospitals, and a whopping $1 million worth of food to food banks.

Mr Beast and friends next to a chequeYouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast released a new challenge video where he dished out huge prizes to his subscribers.

While it would seem that Jimmy has already gone more than the extra mile for people in need, he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon, and has announced plans for his biggest charity project to date.

In an October 14 tweet, Mr Beast announced his newest project, saying he “finally worked out all the legal stuff and now we are securing/up fitting a warehouse for the food bank!”

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He revealed that the warehouse is for a brand new YouTube channel where all proceeds are put towards charitable causes such as his food bank. “I’m dying to start up the new channel where 100% of all ad rev, merch, and brand deals will go towards running the food bank! I want to see how big we can grow this.”

What might seem like an impossibly big project for many is certainly not to Jimmy, as we have seen in the past with his incredible dedication to Team Trees, where he united with his fan base to raise the money to plant 20 million trees in order to help the environment.

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There’s no doubt that this brand new channel will be a success, and fans are eagerly awaiting the new project to see ways in which they are able to help the YouTube mogul use his popularity for good.

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