Mori Calliope’s Universal Music deal might cause problems for other Hololive stars

Dylan Horetski
Mori Calliope singing on stage during 3d concert

Mori Calliope has penned a major deal with Universal Music as the Hololive star continues her booming career as an artist. However, there’s concerns her new tracks will pose a DMCA threat to other stars — something Calli is trying to avoid.

Mori Calliope is not just growing in the VTuber space, but the musical one too.

After smashing through 2 million YouTube subscribers, then releasing her first full-length album, the reaper rapper has now penned a deal with Universal Music to further grow her booming career.

However, with the signing, there could be problems for fellow Hololive talents.

Mori Calliope UnAlive album cover art
Calli has been going hard on the music releases recently, with the Hololive star recently dropping her full-length UnAlive album before signing with Universal Music.

Universal Music are known for being heavy-handed on DMCA notices on their music, and Calli’s will not be excluded. Given the popularity of karaoke in the VTuber space too, those stars will not be able to cover her new tracks.

Calli is doing her best to try and avoid that situation though.

“Let me ask about that [DMCA problem] cause I would not like that, but it’s something that we kind of have to figure it out,” she explained.

“What I would love to do is figure out a way to whitelist Holo channels, but it might take time. It’s a work in progress.”

Calli did explain that she will still get monetization from all the copyright things as part of her deal with Universal Music, so there’s no reason to “freak out” about that.

“It’s the same thing happening when you’d get the Content ID on my Hololive stuff when I was with Cover — it still comes to me.”

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However, she especially wants fellow Hololive stars to cover her music and use it in their streams, much like how Calli has shared other stars’ songs in the past.

“I will see what I can do about the karaoke because I know there are Holo [members] who will want to sing my songs,” she said.

“All of my previous works are fine [to use], they will stay how they are. Like Red, and everything from UnAlive and Your Mori and the Deadbeats EP. All of that stays the same. It’s only songs from now on.

“I will try my best for you, because wouldn’t that fricken suck if I was singing my new songs on stream and then all of a sudden the whole operation gets shut down? Let me figure it out. I think it’ll be okay.”

It’s not going to stop Calli’s regular content schedule though. While she figures out the DMCA issues with her label, she’s going to continue playing games like Elden Ring, Terraria, Bloodborne, and Ring Fit Adventure.