Mori Calliope reveals how mom almost doxxed Hololive star after being too proud

Mori Calliope close up image under pink lightYouTube: Mori Calliope

Even after reaching the lofty heights of fame as the Hololive-managed Mori Calliope has, parents can, and will, always be able to bring you down to Earth. As revealed on-stream on March 24, Calli’s mom, AKA Mama Mori, almost doxxed her daughter in public by proudly gushing to a cashier.

Mori Calliope is one of the English speaking members of the Hololive empire with hundreds of millions of video views on YouTube as well as tens of millions of plays on Spotify.

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There is a human side to the reaper rapper though.

Despite the stratospheric rise of the VTuber over the past two years, her mom still finds ways to remind the virtual superstar of exactly where she’s come from.

As revealed on-stream, the proud mother couldn’t help herself on a recent shopping trip and almost spilled all the beans about the enigmatic superstar.

Mori Calliope hiding behind kitsune mask in hololive live2d kimono outfitYouTube: Mori Calliope
Calli’s mom is very proud of her daughter’s success — almost too much so.

Mori Calliope retold the tale to her fans on March 24.

“Mama Mori leans over the cashier register and whispers, and says ‘she’s a super famous VTuber.’ I looked over and I was like ‘Mom! Shut up! Don’t tell them that!'”

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Realizing how close she had come to outing her real-life self, Calli said she feared she had been recognized by the cashier: “One of the girls behind the cash register, she had big eyes, like she knew what a VTuber was.”

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Explaining to her mom the situation, Calli kept it light, yet factual. “I told Mama Mori, you can’t do that Mama Mori, it’s dangerous,” before ending the thought with “Big Parent Energy, right?”

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While the story is funny in hindsight, Calli continued to talk about how closely guarded a secret her identity is, and the reasons for that.

“That girl with the big eyes, when she heard my mama say VTuber, if she knew who I was and suddenly listened to my voice real close. Dang! Scary situation.”

Although this situation was harmless enough, and nothing more than a proud mother being a bit too proud in public, Calli’s reaction brings home her need for privacy while out and about in the real world.

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“Yeah Mama, it puts me on the spot, puts me in scary situations. Hololive is huge now!”

With her fanbase showing deep support for both Mori Calliope and Mama Mori, the reaction was one that many have felt in their time. As stated in the top comment on the highlight from the stream: “When you get a proud parent started, there’s no slowing them down”

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