Mori Calliope’s controller dies at worst possible time during Elden Ring playthrough

Mori Calliope in Elden RingMori Calliope

Mori Calliope’s Elden Ring playthrough has been going fairly smoothly, but her controller had other plans for the Hololive star. 

Elden Ring is home to plenty of tough enemies and brutal bosses. In fact, death can come quickly in the Lands Between. This is especially true if you fail to dodge a lethal attack or happen to get greedy with your own attacks.

Even the game’s environment itself often posits various traps and dangers that can send Tarnished reeling back to the nearest site of Grace. While the majority of deaths in Elden Ring feel fair, there are times when outside influences can get in the way. 

Well, this is exactly what happened to Hololive star and popular streamer, Mori Calliope during her Elden Ring stream. 

Mori Calliope’s Elden Ring playthrough interrupted by controller issues

Hololive’s Mori Calliope playing Elden RingFromSoftware
Elden Ring was hard enough without controller issues.

It can be easy to blame your Elden Ring deaths on something else. Maybe an enemy has a particularly nasty teleport grab or a slightly janky hitbox, which can lead to some frustrating moments. 

However, Mori Calliope had another reason to blame for her death in Elden Ring. After encountering one of the game’s colossal Trolls, Mori Calliope decided to run and attempt to get to the nearest Site of Grace. 

However, after successfully dodging the troll, the VTuber found herself encountering another issue. As if by some cruel twist of fate, the reaper discovered that her controller had died. What followed was frantic screams as she desperately tried to locate the charger. 

Unfortunately, a soldier from the nearby camp had turned his attention towards her and constantly stabbed her with his spear. Upon returning to her game, Mori Calliope had found that her character had been killed. 

“I love that the Troll was like nah, it’s fine, I’ll wait for you to charge your controller. But the shieldman behind me was like, yeah, f*cking right, free lunch baby,” she said.

Despite being killed in such a frustrating manner, it was clear the Hololive star found this death as funny as her viewers. 

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