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VTuber Mori Calliope smashes massive YouTube subscriber milestone amid rapid growth

Published: 26/Mar/2022 14:51

by Sam Comrie


VTuber Mori Calliope has broken a hefty milestone on YouTube, as the Hololive-managed creator has surpassed over 2 million subscribers. 

It’s no secret that the VTubing craze has swept the airwaves of YouTube and Twitch in recent months, and that’s largely in part to the Japanese talent agency, Hololive.

With a legion of unique and vibrant VTubers under their wing, English-speaking Mori Calliope is one of their VTubers that has been on a stratospheric journey.

In just over two years Mori has attained a wealth of views, and now, over 2 million subscribers.

An image of Mori Calliope
Mori Calliope is part of the Japanese talent agency, Hololive.

Mori Calliope thanks YouTube subscribers with celebratory stream

Hololive VTuber Mori Calliope celebrated their huge subscriber milestone in true reaper rapper fashion, as the VTuber dedicated a full stream to sing for her fans.


“2 Million Subscribers. Just Singing For You” said Calliope on social media. “I wanna keep singing for you, as long as I can,” she later added.

In the description of the stream itself, Calliope said “I don’t need anything else. You’ve already given me enough” as a further acknowledgment of this landmark moment.

The VTuber’s YouTube channel began on July 16, 2020, and has only seen droves of success since then. The Hololive creator has jumped from 1.97 million subscribers as of March 13, to her current amount in just a few weeks.

For fans of Calliope, the celebrations don’t necessarily stop here either, as the VTuber will be hosting a birthday concert on April 4. Tracks from her album UnAlive will be played, among others.


With over 40 million collectively subscribers tuning to the Hololive VTubers, the rest of 2022 can only mean great things to come.