Hololive star Mori Calliope announces debut “UnAlive” album & concert

Mori Calliope UnAlive album cover artTwitter: Mori Calliope / rei_17

The reaper rapper herself Mori Calliope is finally releasing her debut album. Titled “UnAlive,” the Hololive star’s first release will include 11 tracks ⁠— including hit single “Q” featuring Gawr Gura ⁠— and she’ll be doing a birthday concert on April 4 to celebrate.

Mori Calliope’s rap songs have enthralled both her fans and those outside the Hololive fandom. While she’s had a number of smaller releases and covers, Hololive EN’s grim reaper is finally releasing a full album.

Named UnAlive, the 11-track album is set to drop on March 21 ⁠— just after she makes her 3D concert debut at Holofes 2022 on March 20.

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Calli partnered with a number of producers, including Camellia, Elliot Hsu, Pretty Patterns, and Seibin to bring the musical release to life.

“I’m very happy,” she said on a March 18 stream. “I hope you guys will like it when it comes out. I’m really excited to this album because I was listening to the whole master the other day and I was like ‘oh man, this is the best thing I’ve ever made.’”

The album will also include recent release Q, featuring fellow Hololive star Gawr Gura. That song alone has racked up nearly 2 million listens on Spotify in 6 weeks and 9 million views on YouTube.

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That’s not all for Calli though. She will be going straight into a concert for her new album too, with a special birthday 3D performance on April 4.

“My birthday is going to be a 3D concert,” she added on stream. “All of our 3Ds are getting revealed [at Holofes], so more 3D stuff is going to be happening for everyone. This isn’t just me that the doors to 3D birthday lives are open to. I just happen to be the first person on the list.”

It’s the start of a “whole new era” for Calli and the rest of Hololive EN as they catapult further into the streaming space.

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Mori Calliope’s debut album, UnAlive, releases on March 21 and will be available on all digital platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.