Streamer calls out Twitch after receiving DMCA warning during silent stream

Twitch streamer dmca'd during silent streamTwitch/Unsplash: @djravine

A Twitch streamer named ‘Lythero’ claims he received an automatic music DMCA warning from the platform, despite his broadcast being completely silent during the times listed. 

DMCA notices have been an issue throughout the Twitch community for the last few years, resulting in a variety of bans for streamers playing music or watching their favorite tv show with their audiences.

The Amazon-owned platform announced a new way to handle DMCA violations for streamers on March 30, including an automated warning if they detect violations in your stream.

A Twitch streamer by the name of ‘Lythero’ called the company out on Twitter after receiving a warning for copyrighted content — with timestamps where his stream was completely silent.

Streamer calls out Twitch for DMCA email

On April 7, Lythero posted on Twitter calling out the company for sending him a warning to not stream copyrighted music.

He said: “You’ve just messed with my settings as a warning to not stream copyrighted music. The email claims I streamed ‘Harvest/Famine’ & ‘Kick Down The Doors’ within the first 16 seconds. The first 16 seconds of my stream were complete silence, btw. Very concerning.”

Twitch listed three timestamps in their email that allegedly broadcasted the violating content. However, as the streamer mentioned in his Twitter post, his stream was silent during all three time frames listed.

Dexerto went to the listed VOD to see for ourselves — and confirmed that there was no part of his stream during those times that broadcasted music. The stream was also missing the usual notice from Twitch that they had muted those sections.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitch for comment regarding the error and will update this article if needed.

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