More content creators leaving 100 Thieves as select 2HYPE members part ways with org

2HYPE group in 100 ThievesYouTube: 100 Thieves

100 Thieves continues to bleed talent in 2023 as more popular content creators have parted ways with the organization, as select members of YouTube collective 2HYPE have announced plans to go their own way.

Esports winter is in full swing as many of the industry’s biggest brands slim down in 2023. From mass layoffs across the likes of FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, and 100 Thieves, to name a few, it’s been a period of shrinkage across the board, a trend that’s only continuing to become more prevalent with each passing week.

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Outside of staff layoffs in Nadeshot’s LA-based organization, 100 Thieves has also seen the departure of multiple influencers. TinaKitten, neekolul, and AustinShow are among a handful of the brand’s most popular to leave the team behind in recent weeks, and now, the list of exiles continues to grow.

Almost two and a half years since joining up, YouTube group 2HYPE has begun to phase out of the esports, entertainment, and apparel brand. The first to make their move public was Kristopher London, announcing his departure in a March 21 post on Twitter.

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“Left 100 Thieves on good terms,” he said. “Have nothing but love for the org and everyone a part of it. Thank you for the great memories. Excited for this next chapter of my life, big things ahead.”

As for the other five members of the sports-based entertainment collective, their future with 100 Thieves remains unclear. With the last group video arriving on Christmas Day last year, the group has largely been on a hiatus ever since, with each member instead prioritizing their own individual content.

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It’s also been roughly the same stretch of time since any member of the 2HYPE group appeared in content on 100 Thieves’ own YouTube channel.

Not the first time their future has been in question, 2HYPE’s continued partnership with the team came into question as early as 2021 as various controversies distanced members from one another.

Exactly who else from the group might have called it quits, remains unclear, though London teased in a follow-up tweet that multiple other members have indeed parted ways with the org.

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“Some are staying, some left, but that’s for them to announce if they want,” he added. “We made a group decision to do what’s best for each of us individually since we taking a break on the group channel and just gonna be recording together on our personal channels.”

This seemingly marks the end of a second group previously housed under the 100 Thieves banners, following on from The Mob’s messy departure in 2021, one that saw Froste lashing out at Nadeshot’s allegedly “predatory” ways a year later, a fact Nade quickly disputed with ample receipts in a thorough Twitch stream.

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As for what the future holds for the remaining 2HYPE members staying with the team, is anyone’s guess for now. Nadeshot nor co-owners CouRage and Valkyrae are yet to address the group’s dissolution. We’ll be sure to update you here as any further details emerge.

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