TinaKitten confirms 100 Thieves departure: “It’s just creative differences”

TinaKitten wearing blue sweaterTwitch: TinaKitten

Christina ‘TinaKitten’ Kenyon has confirmed her 100 Thieves departure, just a year on from signing on. She cited “creative differences” and no bad blood between her and the iconic gaming organization.

TinaKitten was a big pickup for 100 Thieves back in September 2021, joining forces with friends under the banner like Valkyrae and BrookeAB. They decked the Compound out with a fresh lick of paint to welcome her on, and she was thrusted into the bright spotlight the org offers.

However, 12 months on, she has moved on, telling her stream on December 26 she has officially left 100 Thieves after rumors of her departure.

“I guess this is a good time as ever to probably just say it… but we did part ways,” she said. “It’s nothing bad, it’s nothing serious, I love them and all that, but it’s just creative differences and whatnot.

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“100 Thieves did take a lot of time out of my schedule, and there were definitely times where I felt like I was traveling a lot back and forth for them. That’s not the case anymore, but it’s nothing to be super sad about.

“I’m okay with it, they’re okay with it. I’ll miss doing the shoots and stuff.”

Tina emphasized the fact she didn’t have anything bad to say about 100 Thieves and their members personally. She is still “literally living in their basement”, she joked. But she found it best to address it on stream to clear up any misunderstandings.

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“I love them a lot, but just a lot of creative differences and stuff, and it just didn’t work out, and that’s okay.

“I didn’t want to tweet about it because I didn’t want anyone to misread the situation because nothing bad happened.

As for what Tina’s future holds? It’ll just be her focusing on herself and doing things on her terms: “It’s not like I’m going to another org. I’m just doing more Tina things, and that’s really all.”