Nadeshot responds to Froste’s 100 Thieves “predatory” accusations

Dylan Horetski
Nadeshot on Twitch

Nadeshot has responded to ‘The Mob’ member Froste who called 100 Thieves a “predatory organization” in a series of tweets about his experiences.

100 Thieves announced its signing of ‘The Mob’ in June 2019, which brought Froste, Classify, Mako, and Avalanche together in a content house based in Los Angeles. They quickly became one of the organization’s most popular friend groups.

However, they would announce their split in January 2021 after Mako decided to leave the organization to go back to his family just a few weeks earlier.

Now, Nadeshot has addressed Froste’s claims about what went wrong and provided his perspective on how The Mob’s time with his organization unfolded.

Nadeshot responds to Froste’s accusations about 100 Thieves

On August 29, Froste tweeted that he missed The Mob house and claimed that the popular content group were so “broke” that they couldn’t afford to do anything “worth filming.”

A user replied to Froste mentioning that they should have proposed ideas to 100T to ask for funding, to which the former org member claimed that they did.

“You have no idea how much we asked, it got to a point where it was almost pathetic,” he explained. “but go ahead man, blame the 20-year-old kids that had no idea what they were doing instead of the 100+ million-dollar predatory organization lol.”

The Mob froste calling 100 Thieves a predatory organization

Of course, Nadeshot believes that things went very differently from how the young creator detailed on Twitter.

In a stream the same day, the 100T owner insisted that the organization worked with the members of The Mob to make things work, including helping them find a house that they could afford on their allotted salaries, but that ultimately the relationship was severed due to different expectations on each side.

“The fact of the matter, without trying to sound as if I’m holding it against them, they weren’t very big…in the places that you can make money, on Twitch and YouTube and sponsorships, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for them,” he said. “We felt like we were doing a good service by bringing them into 100 Thieves.”

Nade continued to break down the finances and addressed exactly how much money was paid out from the company to the group during their first year.

“[They were paid] $2500-a-month for each individual, they have to pay rent, they have to find a home. We helped them find a home, they chose a $10,000-a-month house. We also had a $2500-a-month budget for content creation.”

He also went on to address a perceived lack of effort from the group that caused other members of 100 Thieves to not want to re-sign the young group for their second year, but how his faith in their ability to turn it around secured them another year as part of a “tier one” company in the gaming space.

While Nadeshot had quite the detailed breakdown of the situation, Froste himself insinuated that there’s far more to the story. Before long, he also went live on Twitch to issue a more elaborate response.

“Do you guys think we wanted to pay $10k a month for rent?” Froste asked his viewers at the start of his August 29 Twitch stream. “There were periods there where I had negative dollars in my bank account. The amount of times I had to ask my parents for help is ridiculous.”

One particular gripe Froste brought up in his initial tweets was the alleged revenue share with regard to sponsorship deals. When contract negotiations first began, 100T supposedly looked to take “95%” of sponsored income, with The Mob splitting the remaining 5%.

During these talks, however, Tfue’s dealings with FaZe Clan were made public. In the midst of the backlash, The Mob negotiated further and “talked it down” to an 85% split instead.

While Nadeshot claimed 100T brought “three really big deals” to the table for The Mob, Froste was quick to dispute this point. In fact, he argued “100 Thieves did not bring” one of the bigger deals to The Mob, one valued at $200,000, according to Nadeshot. Instead, “[Froste] took that deal to 100 Thieves.”

Classify responds with “love” for 100 Thieves, CouRage chimes in

Amidst the ongoing Twitch streams, former member of The Mob, Classify, shared some insight from his perspective. After Mako left, Classify worked to keep his spot in the organization by pushing his content grind “nonstop.”

Despite growing day by day, even keeping track of specific analytics along the way, 100 Thieves ultimately pulled the plug.

“I love both 100T (every single member of that team) and Froste,” he said. “Will always have the memories. I hate what’s going on right now. But waking up to a clip saying The Mob didn’t have work ethic, when we individually got graded, sucks.”

“Regardless of what happened, please don’t stop taking chances on smaller content creators for your org because of this incident,” Classify added in a separate tweet directed to Nadeshot.

Before long, fellow 100T co-owner CouRage had also jumped into the conversation to show support for Nade. “It hurts my heart to see Forste take shots at Nadeshot today,” he said on Twitter.

“[Nade] was The Mob’s biggest fan at 100T, pushed to give them an opportunity of a lifetime, and I know it hurt him to see it not work out for them in the end.”