100 Thieves’ The Mob announce split after Mako departure

Andrew Amos
Twitter: 100Thieves

The Mob, 100 Thieves’ core-of-four that brought even more hilarious antics to the organization, has decided to split up after member Mako stepped back in December 2020.

The Mob, made up of Mako, Avalanche, Classify, and Froste, were a ragtag group of friends from the Call of Duty scene who came together to make something bigger than the four of them.

They did just that when they joined 100 Thieves in June 2019, making an even bigger name for themselves. However, 18 months after they joined the LA-based organization, the four members are now going their separate ways as of January 30.

“We’ve talked for the last couple of weeks and we think it’s best for The Mob to go our separate ways and continue to make content individually. It doesn’t feel the same without Mako, and we just want to thank every single one of you for riding with us all these years,” they said in a joint statement on Twitter.

“This was not an easy decision to come to but it was a necessary one. We are still going to make content individually and hope you treat us all like you have been.”

Froste added after the announcement that he’s excited to start streaming for himself. “I’m excited to be able to just stream for fun how I used and not have the pressure of trying to treat streaming like a business.”

It comes just six weeks after Mako decided to step back from content creation to focus on his mental health, and that was ultimately the deciding factor for the group to disband.

“I do not want to be a content creator, I want nothing to do with this lifestyle, I don’t like being on camera, I’m not good at any of it,” he said back in December 2020.


“My head’s been very unstable for a long time and I’m done pretending I’m okay when I’m not. This was a fantastic life experience to learn more about myself and I am forever grateful to have been a part of this.

“I love Ava, Froste, and Classy so much. We formed something amazing and they deserve someone who is going to grind every single day for this with a passion to grow and I am simply not that person.”

Twitter: AvalanceThe three remaining members — Avalanche, Froste, and Classify — will remain under the 100 Thieves banner.

100 Thieves also announced Avalanche, Froste, and Classify will still be creating content under their banner, but just as individuals.

“We’ll continue to support their growth and journey as individual content creators,” they said on Twitter.