MoistCr1tikal ‘challenges’ WWE with Moist Wrestling League

Virginia Glaze
MoistCritikal unveils Moist Wrestling League in humorous jab to WWE

YouTube star MoistCr1tikal is taking shots at the WWE by breaking into the wrestling space with his very own organization, the Moist Wrestling League.

Charles White, otherwise known by his online monikers ‘MoistCr1tikal’ and ‘penguinz0,’ is more than a YouTube star and Twitch streamer. On top of his audience of millions, the influencer has also dipped his toes into competitive gaming, founding Moist Esports in August 2021.

That’s not all; Moist also has his very own comic book series called ‘Godslap,’ and has even commentated major influencer boxing matches as seen at last year’s Creator Clash.

Now, he’s breaking into another space that has rubbed elbows with the influencer world: Wrestling.

MoistCr1tikal breaks into wrestling with Moist Wrestling League

On March 3, 2023, MoistCr1tikal revealed that he’s created his very own wrestling group called the Moist Wrestling League — and it’s quite different from any other wrestling organizations we’ve seen thus far.

To start, Moist jokingly called out the WWE before announcing that the MWL would combine its rival’s famous Attitude-Era wrestling with backyard wrestling.

White explained that the Moist Wrestling League will feature legitimate local wrestlers from his area instead of bouts between influencers, with its first match pitting ‘Chainsaw’ and ‘Dow Jones’ against each other in a grudge match.

Moist also claimed that the MWL will feature “deep and interesting” storylines that rival Game of Thrones, so viewers can be prepared for some top-tier drama in the ring.

The YouTuber also expressed a desire to eventually tour with the League if it becomes successful.

How to watch Moist Wrestling League

Fans can tune into the Moist Wrestling League’s pilot episode on Friday, March 3, at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST, presumably on MoistCr1tikal’s official YouTube channel.

This isn’t the first time influencers have engaged in the time-honored sport of wrestling, by far. In fact, YouTube star Logan Paul has performed in the WWE multiple times over the past few years, even securing an official contract with the famed organization as a popular ‘heel.’