MoistCr1tikal blasts “out of touch” Pokimane amid cookie controversy

Pokimane holding Myna cookies next to MoistCritikal

YouTuber Charlie ‘MoistCr1TiKal’ White has lashed out at Twitch star Pokimane for being “out of touch” amid her Myna cookie controversy.

Streaming star Pokimane recently revealed her new snack company Myna on November 13, releasing healthy chocolate ‘Midnight Mini Cookies’.

It wasn’t long before controversy kicked off as her fans spotted an almost identical product at Costco, with the same ingredients and nutritional value at a cheaper price than the $7 per bag of cookies that can only be purchased in a a 4-pack, 8-pack, or 12-pack.

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A spokesperson from Myna has claimed that their snack is unique and exclusive to the company, meanwhile, Pokimane also shut down claims that her cookies were a “rebranded product.” However, the Twitch star was still being criticized the price of the product.

In a recent November 18 livestream, Pokimane hit back by calling out “broke” fans who were criticizing the price of the cookies. Now, fellow content creator MoistCr1tikal has lashed out at Twitch star for being “out of touch.”

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While Twitch streamer has received a ton of backlash, in MoistCr1tikal’s latest video the YouTuber put the Pokimane on blast, claiming he was “dumbfounded” by the controversial comment. “It’s just a really sh*tty thing to say,” he said.

“I don’t know what would possess her to say something so rude and nasty to the audience she is trying to sell this product to.”

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He added: “Trying to call people broke for not buying or not being able to afford it is some really out-of-touch sh*t.”

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(Timestamp at 2:10)

Later in the video, MoistCr1tikal went on explain that it’s her viewers who have built her wealth through watching her streams and donating using their own money.

“Your wealth was built on their backs,” he explained. “Them watching you supplied you money through the ads that get played to them. Them directly donating to you, took their money and gave it to you. If they weren’t watching you, you’d be getting no sponsors which make up a lot of streamers’ income.

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“You need them. And you are dropping trousers and sh**ting in their mouth right now by just insulting them over having legitimate criticisms over the price point of the product.”

Pokimane has since apologized to her fans, claiming she only meant it as a “joke”, and has also claimed that she will “continue to consider pricing” of her Myna cookies.

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