MoistCr1TiKal refuses Sneako boxing match after viral clapback

Virginia Glaze
Moistcritikal responds to sneako boxing match challenge

YouTube star MoistCr1TiKal says he’s not interested in taking a boxing match against Sneako after humiliating the controversial influencer in a viral video.

Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKal’ White has become a household name on the internet thanks to his deadpan humor and biting commentary about current events.

However, he has since ascended to the title of ‘internet deity’ due to his widely-lauded response to a content creator named ‘Sneako.‘ Sneako is known for idolizing controversial commentator Andrew Tate and is considered a divisive figure due to his views on women.

Sneako and Moist have been feuding for a while, but things picked up after Sneako showed off some guns during a livestream while mocking his rival creator.

Moist clapped back in a video that has garnered over 9 million views, where he schooled Sneako on proper firearm terminology while showcasing his own arsenal.

Fans were both awed and shocked by his response, which has prompted some buzz online as to a possible boxing match between the two creators.

MoistCr1TiKal responds to Sneako boxing challenge

Moist responded to the speculation during a March 20 episode of ‘The Official Podcast,’ where he made it known that he has no interest in touching gloves with Sneako in the boxing ring.

“So Charlie, what’s this I hear about you fighting cuckolds now?” one of his co-hosts asked, referencing the Sneako drama.

“No, I won’t be fighting cuckolds,” Charles laughed.

(Topic begins at 28:30)

However, Sneako himself has said that he’s willing to face off with Charles “at any weight class,” saying in a call with Adin Ross that his rival “looks like a homeless dude.”

“I would very much like to fight him at any point and at any weight class,” Sneako hit back. “I would walk up to him and I would look him dead in the eye and say, ‘All that stuff you said in your videos, say it to my face right now.’ And I know that he would freeze up and not say a word.”

With Creator Clash on the horizon, netizens are hungrier than ever for some good, old-fashioned influencer beef — but it looks like this is one feud that won’t be ending with a boxing glove to the face.

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