Mizkif stunned by diehard Dream fans: “I can’t tell if it’s a joke”

Brent Koepp
Twitch star Mizkif reacting to Dream TikTok
Twitch: Mizkif / TikTok

Streamer Mizkif was blown away after watching a video featuring dedicated Dream fans. The Twitch star was so confused by the fandom, he wasn’t sure if it was a “joke” or not.

In 2020, content creator Dream saw a massive explosion in popularity after gaining millions of followers in just under a year with his Minecraft videos. The masked personality has built up a dedicated fanbase.

Some of those viewers maybe too dedicated, according to Twitch star Mizkif. The streamer was floored after watching a video that appeared to feature the YouTuber’s fans.

Dream fans leave Mizkif stunned

The Twitch star was watching a cringe TikTok compilation when a clip appeared to a show a fan of the Minecraft YouTuber who had created a Dream-themed pacifier to put in their mouth.

“A Dream PACIFIER!? STOP! STOP!” Mizkif yelled, before looking away from the screen. “These are the Dream fans JSchlatt had to ban from his stream yesterday.”

When more clips showed other fans sucking on the custom pacifier the streamer became speechless before exclaiming, “I can’t tell if this is a joke or not, chat. I’ve seen a lot of bulls**t on the internet, I can’t tell anymore if that’s a joke. I can not tell. WHAT is that!?”

Mizkif also reacted to fellow streamer Jschlatt creating a bot to mass-ban Dream fans and Minecraft stans from his broadcasts.

“Beautiful. That is sooo good. You know what’s crazy? I watched last night and his chat was garbage. A garbage typical Minecraft chat. It was GARBAGE!”

Although he was unsure if it was a troll, Mizkif joked that the Dream pacifier trend was a part of the fandom that Jschlatt had to ban.

While the Twitch star isn’t the biggest fan of some of the masked YouTuber’s viewership, he has collaborated with the masked creator before such as one of the last episodes of the OTK series, Schooled.