Ludwig reveals how much money he has: “It’s a good chunk of change”

Streamer Ludwig Ahgren live on YouTubeYouTube: Ludwig

Streamer Ludwig opened up to his audience about how much money he actually has. When some viewers were surprised by the figure, the YouTuber hit back at those saying it’s a “low” amount.

In October 2021, a data breach at Twitch revealed how much money the company was paying out to its top channels. While the leak didn’t include outside revenue sources, viewers got their first look at how much online personalities can make in their career.

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Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren addressed the topic during his December Q&A broadcast when a fan asked him how much money he has. The YouTuber surprised his audience when he answered the question and explained why it’s a “good chunk of change.”

Ludwig reveals how much money he has

The YouTube star was holding a live Q&A when one viewer point-blank asked him how much money he has. After thinking about it for a second, Ludwig then decided he was okay revealing that information and answered the question.

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“I think it’s fine to answer this. But I think in total I have like 1.5 to 2 million dollars with like the house mortgage and all that,” he said. The streamer was then taken aback after some viewers claimed that his finances were lower than they expected.

“Don’t say ‘that’s it?’,” he responded. “That is not poor. This is a large sum of money to have. F**k you guys. I’m not poor, it’s not low. It’s a good chunk of change.”

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While some fans were surprised by his answers, others pointed out that it made sense given that the streamer pays a high salary for a handful of full-time employees.

For example, in April 2021, Ahgren paid his Twitch moderators around $167,000 for helping out with his viral 31-day Subathon. Plus he was answering the question of how much money he has right now.

When you factor in taxes, assets, his house, and other expenses, it is a good chunk of change indeed. It is, however, unclear if the streamer factored in the money he made from his YouTube exclusivity deal.

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