Mizkif tears up recalling “serious heart to heart” with xQc at Streamer Awards

Mizkif tears up xqc heart to heart streamer awardsTwitch: Mizkif / Twitter: REALMizkif

Twitch star Mizkif got a bit teary-eyed after recalling a “serious heart to heart” conversation he had with xQc at the Streamer Awards.

The Streamer Awards are the talk of the town after the highly-lauded ceremony recognized the best and brightest online entertainers over the weekend.

On top of celebrating streamers for their hard work, organizer QTCinderella also says that a major benefit of the Awards is helping squash beef between influencers who normally don’t get to see each other face-to-face.

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It’s true that this event brought together some of the net’s biggest talent under a single roof — and even helped facilitate a meaningful conversation between two of Twitch’s most prominent stars.

Mizkif squashes beef with xQc at The Streamer Awards

Mizkif went live on March 13 to tell his fans about his experience at The Streamer Awards when he opened up about a “serious” conversation he had with fellow broadcaster xQc that left him teary-eyed.

“We both look at each other. I gave him a nod, and he gives me a nod. And I go over to him, and he — dude. We had a pretty serious heart to heart. It was nice. He held me. It was nice. Yes, I cried again. And he might have, too, honestly.”

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“If you ever met xQc, you would cry, too!” he laughed after his chat poked fun at him for being misty-eyed. “We just talked it over and everything. It was really nice. We just had a heart to heart.”

“We actually took some shots together. Better than taking shots at each other,” Mizkif joked.

This heartfelt discussion follows some drama that occurred between the two streamers last year, when xQc and Mizkif had a spat about gambling on Twitch — which ultimately devolved into a barrage of serious allegations that saw Mizkif suspended from OTK’s board of directors.

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Mizkif was not found guilty of any wrongdoing and has returned to creating content with OTK… and it looks like his friendship with xQc has also been repaired.

While the Awards may have squashed some beef, it did spark some drama between organizer QTCinderella and JustaMinx after Minx caused the afterparty to get canceled, allegedly costing QT $50,000 as a result.