Mizkif tells small streamers to stop blaming Twitch for low viewership: “Do better”

Filip Krawanski
Mizkif in his room covered with sticky notes

Twitch star Mizkif explained why creators blaming the platform for not being discovered should instead work on building up their own community.

Anybody with decent enough hardware and an internet connection can go live on Twitch right this instant, this makes the platform extremely competitive for anyone who’s just starting out.

During his May 8 broadcast, Mizkif was going over a YouTube video commenting on the current state of Twitch, debating with his chatters whether he agrees or not on specific points with the maker of said video.

One of the points that Mizkif disagreed very vocally on related to the discoverability of small and medium size creators on Twitch.

Mizkif explains why streamers can’t blame Twitch for being “small”

Mizkif went on to say that Twitch already improved its tools, allowing smaller streamers to be found by new audience members and it’s on streamers themselves to make their channel grow.

“I think most streamers are small streamers because they are not good streamers. And I think not only that, I think Twitch has done a way better job over the years with recommended, 30 day, and a lot of other stuff, I think that it is 100% fine now.”

“I know people wanna bi*** and complain and say ‘oh, I’m a small streamer and I don’t get any viewers’, yeah, do better. I don’t know what to tell you, go on TikTok, make more TikToks, do more YouTube shorts, try to grow outside of the platform,” said Mizkif.

The streamer then went on to explain that viewers on Twitch usually want to watch already established streamers with communities they can join, thus to grow on the website one needs to build a community in places with better discoverability to become more appealing to the average Twitch viewer.

It’s a harsh message for those trying to compete, but it comes from a person with millions of followers who has shown his ability to create a content empire. Many streamers grow by collaborating with each other, something that Mizkif practices by, for example, getting his streaming room covered with hundreds of sticky notes by ExtraEmily.

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