Where is Rich Campbell? OTK co-founder goes silent following sexual assault allegations

rich campbell instagramInstagram: Rich Campbell

At the tail end of 2022 Rich Campbell, co-founder of OTK, faced allegations of sexuaul assault. Despite promising a response, Campbell has since disappeared from the internet.

As of January 30, 2023, Rich Campbell’s last stream took place almost two months ago, before the allegations were made public. His most recent stream, on December 11, lasted for 11 hours and averaged 7680 viewers.

Just two days before, on December 9, Rich had the biggest stream in the 4 months, peaking at 19,831 viewers.

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So what caused Rich to quit at such a monumental moment in his career? On December 16, allegations were made against him by streamer Azalia Lexi.

Rich was accused of sexual assault by Lexi, who wrote a TwitLonger detailing the encounter. Following this, Rich immediately resigned from OTK and promised an update on the situation, but said he needed time to “collect my thoughts.” Rich has gone quiet on all social media since.

Will Rich Campbell return to Twitch streaming?

Since the allegations, Rich lost thousands of followers in a blink of an eye. According to Socialblade he is currently losing roughly 1,000 followers every week on his Twitch account.

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Despite this, his channel still boasts 592,000 followers in total.

Users of a Reddit dedicated to Rich Campbell have speculated on the radio silence and have been keeping an eye out for any potential sightings. One of the leading theories is that Rich was advised to keep quiet.

“The radio silence not just from Rich but from everyone around suggests lawyers have joined the game and there might be a lawsuit. We may not hear anything for a long time,” suggests one of the users.

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For now, it appears Campbell is remaining offline, with the promised response not forthcoming.

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