Mitch Jones claims Mizkif “physically assaulted” him causing major injuries

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones claimed he was “physically assaulted” by Mizkif, resulting in major injuries that he showed off in a video for fans.

Mitch Jones and Mizkif are two prominent streamers on Twitch, boasting a combined following of around 2.6M fans on the purple broadcasting platform.

While both streamers are known for their gaming and variety content, their fanbase has now been inundated with drama, as Jones claimed the two got into a physical altercation in September 2023.

Jones uploaded a YouTube video explaining the alleged encounter on February 6, 2024. In the video, he showcased a few clips showing off his injuries, which included a series of bruises on his head and neck and even a chipped tooth.

Mitch Jones reveals footage feuding with Mizkif amid “assault” claims

Jones claimed that he was at Mizkif’s home when the two began arguing. After asking Mizkif to drive him home, the two continued their heated argument in Mizkif’s car — when Mizkif brought the car to a screeching halt in footage captured of the incident on a neighbor’s security camera.

In the footage, Mizkif can be seen berating a supposedly battered Jones, who sits on the pavement as Mizkif shouts, “You’re trash!”

“Do you want to do it again?” Mizkif yells. “You said you could take me seven times. Do you even listen to yourself? You’re drunk and on cocaine. I tried to talk to you as a friend. You’re treating me like shit. You make me want to kill myself. And all you can say is, ‘F*ck you.'”

Jones claimed that Mizkif knocked him out cold and strangled him, saying he was “so majorly concussed that I still have symptoms to this day.” However, he included no footage of the actual alleged assault itself.

Jones also claimed that he “sprained two ligaments in his cervical spine” and still suffers from “lasting issues” due to the situation months later. While he originally told viewers his injuries were from a “car wreck,” he now says he covered up the situation due to respect for people in Mizkif’s circle… but now, he’s exposing the situation, saying Mizkif was “lying to people behind the scenes.”

However, other streamers are taking Mizkif’s side, with Alinity opening up about her own experience with Jones in a live stream shortly after the drama went public.

“It is so scary being in this industry and dealing with people like this,” she said. “I’m gonna be honest, it actually scares me.”

Fellow streamer Knut also chimed in on the situation, calling Jones’ claims a “scam.”

Thus far, Mizkif has yet to offer a public response to the matter, leaving fans waiting for the next development in this unexpected feud.

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