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Minecraft streamer literally showers live on Twitch while doing speedruns

Published: 25/Apr/2021 23:38

by Julian Young


Either a spin on the hot tub meta dominating Twitch or just a wacky subathon incentive, content creator ‘lukeafkfan’ took his Minecraft speed runs to the next level by trying to beat the game while showering, and streaming, all at the same time.

Entertaining viewers for a living — an essential part of being a content creator these days — means constantly finding new ways to entertain, and Twitch has seen plenty of outlandish streams appear on the platform during its history.


In the streaming service’s current ‘meta’ (the most popular game or activity stream), many creators have jumped into hot tubs — some taking it seriously and others simply to poke fun at the meta itself.

In one of the strangest twists (intentional or otherwise), streamer lukeafkfan — also known for his YouTube videos about trolling people on Omegle and Zoom — pulled off the impressive feat of live-streaming Minecraft speedruns from his own running shower.

Twitch Streamer Shower Minecraft Speedruns Clip
Twitch / lukeafkfan
Streamer lukeafkfan spent nearly 2 hours doing Minecraft speedruns in his shower.

On April 25, the content creator fired up his stream for part of a ‘subathon’ (where the creator live-streams with specific goals for their chat to keep the stream going), but instead of sitting at a desk in front of his computer, he was in the shower.


After a minute or two of streaming, the reason for his strange location was revealed when a viewer cheered (a type of donation on Twitch) and the showerhead began spraying lukeafkfan.

As the stream continued, his viewers kept bombarding him with donations, and in no time, the streamer’s hair, shirt, and headphones were all soaked.

“God d**m dude!” he exclaimed as the shower kept soaking him. “These headphones ain’t lasting long man!”

Despite the repeated soakings, lukeafkfan did not give up and continued to stream from his shower for over two hours. Even with the less-than-ideal streaming setup, both he and his chat enjoyed the shower-donation arrangement as the subathon went on.


“This stream has been pretty f**king good,” he said with a smile, not at all bothered by being soaked and happy for a chance to do something special with his community.

While not exactly part of the hot tub meta, lukeafkfan’s Minecraft shower stream is another perfect example of how content creators find new ways to entertain their communities and generate comedic value in the process.