Twitch streamer banned after mocking hot tub streams in a bra

. 1 year ago
Twitch streamer udysof with his hot tub stream set up
Twitter: udysof

Twitch streamer and former League of Legends pro Toby ‘udysof’ Horne received a one-day ban after he gave his take on the hot tub streams that have run wild on the Amazon-owned platform.

The Just Chatting section on Twitch has always been a hot topic of conversation for streamers and viewers because of how far some creators stretch the community guidelines on the platform.

In recent weeks, the hot tub ‘meta’ has taken over the section, where streamers will sit in a hot tub – or something similar – in just their swimwear and chat to viewers. Some streamers have criticized Twitch as a result, believing that some have pushed the boundaries a little too far and the streams have created a grey area in the rules.

The trend has also given way to plenty of parody streams too, with one streamer using Star Wars figures to replicate a hot tub stream, and another sitting in a bucket of water. Now though, one streamer has been banned following their take on the streams. 

Xoaeriel hot tub stream
Twitch’s hot tub meta is the latest Just Chatting trend.

During his April 24 stream, Australian League of Legends streamer udysof mocked the hot tub streams by sitting in a paddling pool in a bra and other underwear, leaning into the camera in a suggestive manner. 

Like some other Just Chatting streamers do, and have been slammed for doing so, he’d also written the names of subscribers over his body.

While his viewers may have thought the whole thing was funny, Horne was hit with a temporary ban after the hilarity was over. 

“Got banned for 1 day, no more hot tub streams” he tweeted afterwards with a frowny face emoji attached. Though, he did follow it up with a joking “I’ll be back” post too.

Some fans questioned how he’d been hit with a suspension, given that they believed he didn’t go as far as some others, but Twitch very rarely reveals the exact reason why.

It was likely because of the underwear he was wearing, seeing as it wasn’t a swimsuit, but rather just a typical bra. But again, that’s one of the grey areas that streamers have criticized Twitch for not clearing up.

We’ll have to wait and see if the former League of Legends pro will shed some light on it when he gets back to streaming.

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