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Twitch streamer instantly ends stream as mom catches him watching inappropriate video

Published: 25/Apr/2021 21:22

by Michael Gwilliam


A fourteen-year-old Twitch streamer had to learn to minimize tabs the hard way after his mom appeared to catch him watching a video he shouldn’t have been viewing.

It’s safe to assume that most teenagers have been in positions similar to the one Lemonisexy found himself in during a twenty-four-hour broadcast attempt on April 24.

Growing up, most people find themselves watching videos on the internet or TV that their parents probably wouldn’t want them to. It also gets incredibly awkward if your parents ever catch you.

During his most recent broadcast, Lemonisexy was watching an assortment of Twitch clips of Warzone and IRL streamers when his attention randomly turned to a YouTube video called “I am a model.”


The short 2020 video featured actress Amanda McCants​ comically reenacting her daily routine as a “model.”

It begins with her talking to the camera while wearing a red bikini and transitions to her daily life moments such as waking up, lifting weights on a walk, and going shopping while all dressed up.

“What I wear online is exactly what I wear in real life,” McCants sarcastically joked, poking fun at Instagram models.

Lemonisexy, however, clearly was enjoying the video a bit too much. “Those juicers, dude,” he remarked, after staring at the actress’s chest with a snarky grin on his face.


Mere moments later, he seemed to hear someone come into his room and had to spring into action to hide the evidence. “Oh!” he gulped while proceeding to minimize the tab and end the stream.

Just before the broadcast could end, you can hear someone else in the background, suggesting he had been caught.

lemonisexy stream end screen
The young streamer rushed to end his broadcast.

Video of the young streamer’s shenanigans quickly spread online and has amassed over 80,000 views so far. Clearly, a lot of viewers can relate to Lemonisexy’s viewing habits and their own childhood experiences.

It’s unclear if the streamer was punished for watching the video as he hasn’t gone live or posted any tweets since his broadcast abruptly ended, but hopefully he can return to growing his Twitch community soon enough.