Millionaire xQc says he can’t stream on Twitch after forgetting to pay electricity bill

xQc alone in the darkPixabay/Twitch/xQc

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had his 18 hour GTA RP broadcast abruptly end because he apparently forgot to pay his bills on time.

On March 31, the former Overwatch League pro was playing in NoPixel’s GTA RP server with a massive grin on his face when suddenly the stream went offline.

It was unclear exactly what had happened to force the Twitch star’s broadcast to end so randomly. Despite all the “F” and “Way Too Dank” spam in the chat, xQc never reappeared, leaving some to worry.

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A little bit later, Lengyel took to Twitter to reveal that he had somehow forgotten to pay his electricity bill and that’s why the power went out.

Twitch offline screenTwitch
xQc’s stream ended at a weird time.

“Forgot to pay the electricity bill. Power went down, stream did too,” he said. “Will be back on later today or tomorrow. Ups and downs last stream, but overall good!”

Some might be wondering how exactly this could even happen, especially in 2021 when everything is automated. It isn’t like xQc, the highest-earning streamer in 2020, couldn’t actually not afford his bill.

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According to Lengyel, autopay was on, but his credit card limit had been the same since he was just 12-years-old.

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“Sometimes it’s empty and payment can’t go through,” the streamer revealed. “Just Canadian bank stuff, move along.”

Other streams, such as Alinity poked fun at Felix not paying the bills. “That streamer life,” she joked to the tune of two laughing emojis. “This happened to me more times than I care to admit.”

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Of course, xQc wasn’t the only one affected by the power problems. His roommate, who was just revealed to be his partner, Adept also had her stream die. It came at an unfortunate time too, as she was pushing for a longer broadcast.

While the power may be out in the French Canadian’s household for now, the juice is definitely still flowing when it comes to his relationships.

Hopefully, he can get his credit card information sorted quickly so the streaming antics can return soon.

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