Twitch streamer Prod1gyX arrested on charges of child abuse

Twitch streamer Prod1gyX arrested on charges of child abuse.Twitter: Prod1gyX

Twitch streamer Robert ‘Prod1gyX’ Paz has been arrested on multiple charges of child abuse and first-degree child molestation, after allegations were made by his step-sons in recent weeks.

Prod1gyX has been charged on four felony counts, including two counts of first-degree child abuse, and two counts of first-degree child molestation.

Paz was first reported to Child Protective Services by his estranged wife Bonny after her children made allegations about their step-father. Bonny told Insider, who first reported the streamer’s arrest, that “police conducted forensic interviews” with several of Paz’s step-children.

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The Seattle police have declined to publicly comment.

King’s County Correctional has confirmed Robert is “in custody”. The facility also confirmed they are just “waiting for the final charging document.”

Prod1gyX is currently being held on a $200,000 bail at King’s County Correctional Facility.Twitter: Prod1gyX
The Twitch streamer is being held on a $200k bail at King’s County Correctional Facility.

Prod1gyX has built a fanbase of nearly 50,000 followers on Twitch since he first began streaming on the Amazon-owned platform in late November 2016.

The Honduran streamer went viral in 2009 after becoming the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the highest aggregate score in Rock Band with drums. He also competed in the first season of the World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer reality show on Syfy in 2008. He last went live on Twitch on Thursday, March 25.

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His upcoming court proceedings have been scheduled for April 12.

If Prod1gyX is found guilty, he is facing life in prison.

First-degree child abuse is a grade-A felony. It is defined as “when a person has intercourse with another who is less than twelve years old and not married to the perpetrator, who is at least twenty-four months older than the victim.”

Twitch ban screenTwitch
The Honduran streamer’s Twitch account has already been disabled and taken offline.

Prod1gyX regularly played Fortnite and Sea of Thieves on-stream. 

He gained infamy in the Sea of Thieves fandom in late 2018, when he claimed the ‘Pirate Legend’ title by hitting the level-cap across all three in-game factions. The achievement was met with ire, and #NotMyPirateLegend trended across Twitter.

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According to Insider, the arrested Twitch streamer is currently being held on a $200,000 bail at King’s County Correctional Facility in Seattle.

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