Mike Tyson dubs YouTube boxing the sport’s “biggest help in history”

Jacob Hale
Mike Tyson boxing on Impaulsive

Mike Tyson might be one of the most fearsome boxers to ever grace the ring, but he explained in his appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast that he believes YouTuber fights are “the biggest help for boxing.”

YouTube boxing has been incredibly divisive for longtime fans and major personalities in the sport. Many detractors believe that these large-scale events between personalities do a ‘disservice’ to the sport, ignoring the many years of training and sacrifice that go into being an elite boxer.

If there’s one person, though, that knows all too well about training and sacrifice for the sport, it’s Mike Tyson arguably one of the greatest of all time — and he disagrees with that sentiment entirely.

In fact, he believes YouTube boxing could be the best thing to ever happen to the sport — even if he thinks Logan doesn’t stand a chance in his bout against Floyd Mayweather in February.

Mike Tyson with Logan Paul Mike Majlak and George Janko on Impaulsive
Mike Tyson might be a boxing legend, but he thinks YouTubers could be saving the sport.

In his appearance on Impaulsive, Tyson spoke about all manner of things, be it his wild lifestyle or pet tigers, but of course, one topic they had to discuss was boxing.

As the world’s youngest ever heavyweight champion, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson might have been expected to be another detractor of the YouTube boxing world, but in fact, he’s quite the opposite.

After being asked for his opinion by co-host Mike Majlak, Tyson said that YouTube boxing is “the biggest help for boxing in the history of boxing” and that it “shows the power” of the sport. He then referenced cheating that already existed in the sport — including himself biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 — asking how low boxing can go and that it’s “only going up” from those events.

Of course, while it may have seemed that Mike was making those comments in jest, he was very serious in his belief that YouTube boxing is a great step forward for the sport.

We’ve already seen fights between the likes of KSI and Logan Paul do incredible pay-per-view numbers and bring new eyes into boxing, but we may have to assess in a few years how much it has really helped.

That said, if Mike Tyson himself is co-signing influencers going at it in the ring, that’s a pretty big deal.

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