Logan Paul explains why he ‘detests’ his old YouTube videos

Logan Paul on the impaulsive podcastLogan Paul/imPaulsive Podcast

YouTube star Logan Paul has explained why he ‘detests’ his younger self and early YouTube vlogs, noting that he’s glad to have moved on from his previous experiences. 

A lot of content creators grow up in front of their audience, typically because they’ve been at it for a few years and want a reset or to change course.

For Logan Paul, he first blew up back in 2014 through Vine as a 19-year-old, before moving into YouTube full-time. On the Google-owned platform, Paul’s popularity has skyrocketed, but he hasn’t been shy of controversy – leading to time away from creating content on a few occasions. 

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In recent months, he’s still made videos but they’re not as outlandish as they once were – and the 25-year-old has explained why he’s moved away from his old self, explaining that he detests how he once acted on YouTube. 

Youtube/Logan Paul
Logan Paul has over 22 million subscribers on Youtube.

The popular YouTuber was taking part in the ‘Post a photo of’ trend on Instagram when someone asked him to post a photo of himself from 2017 where he would post daily vlogs on YouTube, as well as some more outrageous videos.

Logan obliged but tagged the photo of himself holding some cash with a caption, saying that he’s learned so much from the phase – even adding that he hated how it changed him. “Posting this because I detest this version of myself,” he said. 

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“I cringe at my old videos and hate that I let money and fame turn me into an intolerable asshole. I acknowledge this phase as a benchmark of youth and my journey, but glad it’s over and I learned as much as I did from it.”

Screenshot of Logan Paul's instagram post about his old self.Instagram: Logan Paul
The YouTuber posted the photo on Instagram.

Unlike some of his fellow YouTubers, Logan hasn’t scrubbed his channel clean of anything he’s moved away from doing.

Instead, he’s seemingly using it as a lesson to himself and will continue to do so as he evolves further as a creator and as a person.