YouTuber sparks outrage after taking ASMR “too far” by eating live animals

Ssoyoung, YouTube

Korean YouTuber ‘Ssoyoung’ is facing backlash from critics due to eating live animals in her viral ASMR mukbang videos — and some are asking that YouTube take action against the controversial content creator.

ASMR mukbang content has taken YouTube by storm in the past several years, combining the tingling sensations of the “autonomous sensory meridian response” with eating massive quantities of food.

While some YouTubers set themselves apart from the crowd by eating especially spicy noodles or huge lobster claws, Korean ASMR mukbang tuber ‘Ssoyoung’ has taken her content in a decidedly different direction.

Ssoyoung, YouTube
While many mukbang YouTubers eat outrageous kinds of food, ‘Ssoyoung’ eats and dismembers live animals on her channel.

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This YouTuber is known for eating live animals as part of her mukbang experience, generally seafood like octopus or squid, often expressing fear or dismay at their flailing tentacles as she does so.

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Although concerned commenters have been speaking up about what they feel is animal abuse for some time, Ssoyoung has seen a new wave of backlash thanks to YouTube star Ethan Klein, who claimed that she is taking her content “too far” in a recent video denouncing her content.

Ssoyoung, YouTube
Korean ASMR Mukbang YouTuber ‘Ssoyoung’ is facing backlash for eating live animals during her videos, which some equate to animal abuse.

“I think she knows that if she wasn’t acting at least a little squeamish and nervous about it, then she would be seen as a total sociopath,” Klein said of the issue. “But she clearly loves torturing animals. No question about it.”

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Klein’s comments are echoed by many across YouTube, who have even asked the platform to remove her from the site due to the divisive nature of her videos.

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Ssoyoung, YouTube
Ssoyoung eats a wide variety of seafood on her channel, much of which is still alive at the time of consumption – or is shown being dismembered on camera.

“Why do people laugh at someone literally hitting and dropping a living animal on surfaces?” one critic commented. “I’m not a vegan and this has nothing to do with your diet, but this is straight up animal abuse.”

“The [octopi] are fighting for their life, and she broadcasts it to the internet,” another wrote. “This is basically like uploading videos of torture. How is YouTube not striking her channel to oblivion for animal abuse?”

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Commenters have been speaking out against Ssoyoung’s content for some time, with H3H3’s recent video seeing further outrage against the mukbang YouTuber.

Thus far, Ssoyoung has yet to be removed from the site, nor has the YouTuber responded to the outrage, after compiling months worth of content that has received millions of views that even sites like Instagram have deemed as potentially sensitive.

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