McDonald’s worker rages at “entitled” customer and TikTok is lovin it

Dylan Horetski
McDonalds Drive Thu

A video showing a McDonald’s manager raging at a customer who keeps asking for their drink to be remade has gone viral, and TikTok is loving her energy. 

Occasionally while browsing through TikTok, you’ll come across a video showing a random interaction that has gone extremely viral.

The interactions can consist of anything from a “brutally honest” airport warning to an Airbnb host serving dog food.

A video showing a McDonald’s manager yelling at a customer who keeps asking for their drink to be remade has gone viral on TikTok and viewers are lovin’ it.

McDonald’s manager goes viral

The interaction went viral thanks to a shorter clip posted by TikToker ‘ghettogaragebuildss,’ who people believe is the person getting yelled at.

The McDonald’s manager shouted: “Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time and we’re done trying. So get out of my drive-thru.”

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Users quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the video.

One user said: “I like her. She’s not Mchaving it anymore! Customers, stop being exhausting, it’s just fast food.”

While another exclaimed: “I have a feeling she gives GREAT customer service and whoever was behind the camera is 100% in the wrong.”

Ghettogaragebuilds posted a longer video of the full interaction to provide context about why he’s getting kicked out of the drive-thru. In the video, the worker shouted: “Because every single time we make your drink, it is wrong. And, you guys called my employee vulgar names.”

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As the shorter video went viral, more viewers took to the comments on the longer upload to share their thoughts.

“People are so entitled” one user explained.

While another tagged McDonald’s in hopes that the lady in the video will get a raise: “@McDonald’s we love this lady! Give her a raise and promotion. Customers don’t have the right to abuse employees.”

It’s clear that viewers are all for the McDonald’s manager, and believe customers should treat service workers better because maybe if they did… incidents like this wouldn’t happen.

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