TikToker claims Airbnb hosts fed guests spaghetti topped with dog food

AirbnbDogfoodSpaghettiTikTokUnsplash: @emanuelekstrom/Airbnb

A TikTok creator by the name of ‘msmysteryjones,’ who is allegedly a former Airbnb employee, claims that she experienced guests calling in complaints because the host fed them spaghetti topped with dog food. 

Over the last few months, Airbnb users have experienced a variety of issues with their rental.

The issues have varied from one user thinking their Airbnb was recently a crime scene, to another being left mortified after finding what they thought were hidden cameras.

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Msmysteryjones has shared yet another Airbnb horror story on TikTok where she claims guests were fed dog food on top of their spaghetti.

Airbnb guests were fed dog food

On June 24, the TikToker uploaded her now-viral video explaining that she used to work for Airbnb and had “horror stories” to share. Starting off the story, she explained that the customers first called in to complain that the host was living in the same area.

“You can’t do that if you say it’s private, it’s a shared space, so we had to call the host and have them change that,” she explained. “Then the guys explained they had a second problem. She made us spaghetti to welcome us.”

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“The only problem is that it tasted really weird, so we checked the garbage and couldn’t find any canned ground meat, or any packaging for ground meat. We did find a can of dog food though.”

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In the comments, the TikToker revealed that the Airbnb host did have a dog, so it’s possible that they accidentally used the wrong can of meat without noticing.

However, she did not mention whether or not they found out the meat was actually dog food. Many viewers took to the comments explaining that it’s possible they didn’t have any “ground meat” marked waste as they may have frozen it in bags after purchase.

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As the video has received over 800k views since it was uploaded, it is clear that fans are interested in the story and whether it can be confirmed or not.

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