Southwest Airlines worker goes viral for brutally honest airport warning

Airport worker goes viral for hilarious Nick Morales / TikTok: kterrell27

A worker for Southwest Airlines is taking TikTok by storm after several flyers recorded her brutally honest warning for passengers needing to check their bags at the last minute.

Air travel is never a totally pleasant experience — especially for those without TSA pre-check.

From waiting in long queues at security to dealing with sudden delays and more, flying can test even the patients of saints… so when one airport worker let loose some steam over the mic, some passengers couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

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Two videos uploaded by separate passengers are taking TikTok by storm after they caught a worker for Southwest Airlines giving a no-nonsense PSA for folks with oversized bags that wouldn’t fit in the cabin’s overhead storage.

southwest employee goes viral for hilarious Suhyeon Choi
TikTok has created a few viral airport moments – and this one might take the cake.

“If you got something that won’t fit, you’re gonna have to check that,” she says. “And guess what? If you don’t check two bags over there at the counter, guess what you got to do? Give me a credit card, ’cause it’s gonna cost you $75.”

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“Anybody don’t understand that? Talk among yourselves and explain it, ’cause I ain’t gonna say it again. Any problems? Pray about it. It’s gonna work out.”

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Throughout the video, viewers can hear the passengers chuckling at her speech, clearly amused and appreciative of her humorously blunt announcement.

The videos capturing the moment have gone viral on TikTok, amassing 1.7 million and 1.6 million views, respectively — and commenters are loving it, too.

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“She was hired specifically to deal with Karens,” one user joked.

“I want her promoted,” another said.

“If ‘try Jesus, not me,’ was a person,” another commenter wrote.

TikTok airport comments

Sure, flying can be a stressful experience… but when you’ve got airport staff like this, it’s hard not to enjoy the ride. At least it wasn’t as weird as this one passenger’s flight where someone closed their window with their bare foot.

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