McDonald’s “burger salad” hack goes viral on TikTok and people don’t know how to feel

McDonalds Burger Salad hack devides viewersTikTok: @amber_rae55

A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a video showing off her McDonald’s “burger salad” hack, and viewers really don’t know how to feel about the off-menu creation.

At just about every fast-food establishment worldwide, there are off-menu “hacks” you can order to create the perfect meal.

McDonald’s is full of them, whether it’s creating a bigger, cheaper Big Mac or creating your own “travel fries.”

Now, TikToker Amber Rae has gone viral with her “burger salad” McDonald’s hack and viewers aren’t quite sure how to feel about it.

TikToker goes viral with McDonald’s “burger salad” hack

Uploaded on October 28, Amber’s video begins by showing the McDonald’s bag with a text caption overlaying the video.

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It reads: “When the girl at McDonald’s said she made it with love.”

After pulling out the container, you can see she ordered a Deluxe Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese with no onions or bun, but extra everything else.

Amber captioned the video: “It’s a burger salad and it’s so good don’t judge me.”

But yet, that didn’t stop users from judging her as they took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“This made me physically sick,” one replied.

Another viewer replied: “It is my sole responsibility to judge people on the internet and I am sorry I will not be stopping with you.”

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However, not everyone was against the idea of trying it with comments like “That actually looks delish” and “I’m trying this tonight!”