TikTok McDonald’s “food hack” lets customers get Big Macs bigger & cheaper

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TikTok user ‘HellthyJunkFood’ showed off a McDonald’s hack that lets customers enjoy a bigger Big Mac for less money.

McDonald’s-related TikToks go viral every so often, ranging from topics on bizarre stories to history lessons about the franchise’s long-abandoned menu items.

It was only a matter of time before the Big Mac took center stage. The two-meat sandwich on a sesame seed bun originally landed on the menu in the late 1960s.

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In the decades since, it’s remained a McDonald’s staple, thanks to the special sauce slathered across the middle bread slice.

Sometimes, though, the price of the sandwich alone requires creative thinking from those craving a Big Mac.

TikTok reveals McDonald’s Big Mac food hack

Popular TikToker HellthyJunkFood walked their followers through a hack that culminates in the purchase of a bigger Big Mac and a lower price.

Instead of ordering a Big Mac outright, McDonald’s customers should purchase two McDoubles with lettuce, no mustard, and no ketchup.

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After the order has already been placed, the next step is to ask for a side of Big Mac Sauce “for a chance to get it free.”

Stacking the McDoubles together with the signature sauce should engender the desired results – a Big Mac with four times the meat.

This McDonald’s TikTok hack may not seem like a big deal, but it does save a decent amount of money. According to the Menu and Price website, the Big Mac by itself costs $4.29. The McDouble bears a price tag of $1.39.

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If HellthyJunkFood’s hack work as intended, customers can get a makeshift Big Mac for approximately $3. (It’s worth noting, however, that pricing often changes state-to-state.)

HellthyJunkFood is the same TikTok user who came up with the ingenious “travel fries” hack, as well. Apparently, asking for a large fry in a large cup culminates in a bigger helping of french fries at McDonald’s.

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