TikToker reveals genius McDonald’s “travel fries” food hack

tiktok mcdonaldsTikTok: HellthyJunkFood

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing a nifty food hack that turns a bag of McDonald’s fries into easy-access “travel fries” for those using the restaurant’s drive-through window.

McDonald’s customers are using the drive-through window to order food now more than ever.

According to some statistics, drive-through sales have accounted for a whopping 90% of sales in the U.S at its peak as customers continue to prefer ordering from the comfort of their vehicles.

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One of the most popular food items to eat on the go is french fries, and one TikTok user shared exactly how to order them with a food hack that’s gone massively viral.

uk mcdonalds worker goes viral for singing late night shiftUnsplash.com: @lindokuhle
McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains on Earth.

TikToker’s McDonald’s french fry hack

TikTok user HellthyJunkFood notched over six million views for their discovery of a specific way to order french fries on the go.

The TikToker drove up to order where he asked for a large fry and for it to be put in a large cup, and not a bag. When he rolled up to get the food, the massive amount of fries fit perfectly into his cup holder for easy access as he drove away.

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The McDonald’s worker admitted to him the idea was fantastic, and that this method does give the customer more fries than the regular order of large french fries.

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Users in the comment section were blown away by the ingenious order.

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One said, “How in my 30 years on this Earth eating fast food have I never tried this.”

Another admitted they never would’ve thought of this until they saw the video.

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This new “travel fries” order style could become all the rage now that fans of McDonald’s fans have caught on.

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