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MayaHiga stunned after hitting major charity goal on Twitch stream

Published: 14/Dec/2019 17:49

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer MayaHiga finally hit a major landmark in her almost year-long charity stream drive and she couldn’t quite believe it. 

While being a popular Twitch streamer with over 120,000 followers, MayaHiga has taken her passion for animals and brought it in front of her viewers. Be it an in real-life stream where she’s helping an animal out, or her Conservation Cast – a podcast centered around animals – the streamer does it all. 

Her fans have also supported her efforts to help a number of creatures out with their donations and subscriptions over the last few months whenever Maya has run a charity-centered stream. In doing so, the streamer’s loyal viewers helped her reach a major milestone in her fundraising quest.


Twitter: MayaHiga
Twitter: MayaHiga
MayaHiga has made her love of animals a central part of her Twitch streams.

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During her December 13 stream, Maya had been aiming to raise a touch over $900 for the Owl Research Institute and her viewers duly obliged. After a few hours of streaming, she reached the initial target and was sent over the top by a $50 donation.

In doing so, the donation also helped the cumulative milestone of $50,000 over the last quarter of a year. As her chat informed her of the milestone, the streamer couldn’t quite believe it. 

“Oh my,” said Maya, throwing her hands on her head in disbelief. “Fifty-five and twenty dollars, jeez, you guys! 50k! 50k in eight months… seven months.” 


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Even a few moments later, Maya still seemed shocked by the monumental number that her fans had managed to reach for her in their charitable efforts.

“That’s crazy you guys, thank you so much,” she said, while still seemingly taking in what had just happened. “This is sick, I’m so excited.”

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After reaching the huge $50,000 goal, the streamer carried on with her broadcast for a few more hours, with her fans still reaching into their pockets to help her causes.

Hitting the incredible number likely won’t stop Maya’s fundraising streams, however, as her incredibly generous viewers will still assist her efforts to continue helping all types of animals.