Maya announces Twitch return after Mizkif controversy

Dylan Horetski
Maya Higa looking into camera

Maya Higa is finally making her return to Twitch streaming after she announced an “indefinite” break just after allegations against Mizkif surfaced on Twitter.

Back in September, Twitch streamer Trainwreck brought up allegations against Mizkif that he used his friends to cover up sexual assaults against streamer Adrianah Lee.

Two friends were named in the allegations, MitchJones and then-girlfriend Maya Higa. Days later, Maya issued her final statement on the controversy and announced an “indefinite” break from all of her platforms.

Now, Maya has broken her nearly two-month silence by announcing her return to streaming.

Maya announces Twitch return

On November 15, she posted on Twitter for the first time since she announced her break.

“Hi Guys,” she said. “Thank you all for being so patient. — I’ll be live tomorrow.”

Fans quickly flooded the replies to the tweet with welcoming comments.

“I speak for everyone when I say this. Welcome back!” one user replied.

Another user said: “OMG this has made my day! So happy to see you back tomorrow! A lot of us have missed your streams.”

“huge W, hopefully, Wine About It comes back eventually as well,” a third fan replied.

‘Wine about it,’ is a reference to a podcast that she used to do alongside QTCinderella. At the time of writing, their YouTube channel for the series has amassed over 90,000 subscribers and over two million views.

It’s unknown what Maya has up her sleeve to talk about during her return stream, as Mizkif mentioned in the past that he’s unable to talk about the situation — and it’s likely that Maya is as well.