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Markiplier stands up for Cr1TiKaL amid ‘unfair’ YouTube controversy

Published: 2/Sep/2020 8:41 Updated: 2/Sep/2020 18:14

by Brad Norton


YouTube recently handed out a punishment that has been deemed unjust by the community with marquee names like Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach coming out in support of fellow creator Charlie ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White.

A recent upload from Cr1TiKaL on his popular YouTube account ‘penguinz0’ was hit with a strike from the video platform. Within a week the video was outright removed, leading to the start of an appeal process.

Throughout his upload, Cr1TiKaL was “making jokes” over a “fake, staged video.” The clip in question featured individuals in costume as popular cartoon characters. They then got into a fake scuffle before running off-camera.


Despite the clip seeming mostly harmless, “YouTube removed it for violent and graphic content.” This particular video has been re-uploaded dozens of times without issue, according to Cr1TiKaL. Yet his commentary was taken down without warning. “For some reason, they have decided to target mine,” he said, leading to a wave of support from fellow content creators.

“They believed my video was genuinely disgusting, shocking, and overwhelmingly disturbing to the point that it needed to be removed from the platform,” he explained in a September 1 upload.

While he tried to appeal the decision, it was quickly overruled as the strike was locked in place. “Confirming that a member of the team reviewed the video and the decision stands,” the official Team YouTube Twitter account replied. “That just confirmed no one watched the video,”Cr1TiKaL soon added


“Everyone I’ve talked to at YouTube doesn’t agree with this decision either.” As his community came out to show support and slam the strike to his channel, so too did fellow YouTube star Markiplier. He made a similar video “laughing” about the same fake fight. Cr1TiKaL questioned, “When will he be getting his strike?”

“Fair is fair, Team YouTube, where’s my strike?” Markiplier said. Showing support for his fellow creator, he added the hashtag #AnswerUsYouTube to his tweet too.

“I hope YouTube will do the right thing and recognize the strike was a mistake and get rid of it,” he said. 


Update, September 2, 11:17AM EST: Markiplier has now revealed that he too was given a warning on his channel against the video, indicating that the strike against Moist Critikal was not, in fact, a mistake.

Because it is his first community guidelines warning, he does not receive a strike on his channel. So, Markiplier and Critikal now have the answer they demanded, but not the one they wanted.