Man destroys wrong beer at Walmart amid Bud Light controversy

TikTok shows man in walmart destroying beerTikTok: ChandlerDavidson24

A guy on TikTok has gone viral after uploading a video showing a Walmart customer destroying Busch Light beer amid controversy surrounding Bud Light and their parent company.

With over a billion users on TikTok, there’s no telling what has the chance of going viral each day.

From women escaping “creepy” men to influencers receiving death threats, the platform’s most popular videos constantly change.

Now, a guy on the platform has gone viral with a video showing a Walmart customer destroying the “wrong” beer inside of the store amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Bud Light.

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Man destroys beer at Walmart, gets arrested

Over the last few weeks, people around the world have protested against Bud Light and their parent company Anheuser-Busch after they collaborated with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In the April 17 video upload, TikToker Chandler Davidson showed a man throwing cases of Busch Light cans onto the floor of the store, destroying them.

Chandler was hiding around the corner from the man, who threw a can at him once he noticed he was recording. At the end of the video, it shows the man being walked out of the store in handcuffs by police.

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The video quickly went viral, amassing hundreds of thousands of views in the hours since it was posted. Viewers also flooded the comments with their thoughts.

“THIS’LL SHOW THEM!” – guy who has to pay to replace all that damaged product,” one user replied.

Another viewer commented: “He looked pretty tired at the end, you should have offered him a refreshing bud light.”

“Man I feel sorry for the employee who has to clean that up,” a third TikToker replied.

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Similarly, a homeless man was arrested after destroying the jewelry department at his local Walmart.

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