TikToker NoahGlennCarter receives death threats for body shaming Ariana Grande

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Content creator and TikToker NoahGlennCarter has admitted to receiving death threats online following comments he made in regard to the weight and appearance of pop singer and musician, Ariana Grande.

Recently, Ariana Grande uploaded a video to her TikTok in which the singer called out those who have been making various remarks about her health and her weight loss.

NoahGlennCarter broke down the situation in his April 12 video where he said: “Ariana Grande just addressed everyone’s concerns about her body. Many people were concerned for Ariana Grande saying they didn’t recognize her and that she looks too skinny now.”

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Following this TikTok, the content creator revealed that he has been receiving death threats for calling her “too skinny”, with Noah sharing some of the alarming tweets he has been receiving since commenting on Ariana Grande’s weight.

“Some threats were made again me that I’m going to share with you guys. It all start when this person tweeted out,” began Noah. “Now they’re saying this because they don’t like that I made videos about what’s been going on with Ariana Grande lately. But I’m not concerned with what they said, I’m concerned with the people and their replies.”

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He then begins to read out some of the tweets he received, which include people threatening to leak his address as well as to outright harm him.

“One person tweeted out saying they want to try and leak my address and they tweeted this with a gif of Kris Jenner holding a firearm. Another person said they will go to my house and tweeted a picture of a Neon Genesis character reloading a firearm.”

NoahGlennCarter then addresses the issue head-on, condemning those who have made these threats.

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“Now these threats are never okay under any circumstance so I am taking the threats very, very seriously. I’ve had threats like these in the past where someone did leak my address so I’ve already notified the authorities about this and sent the Twitter profiles over to the authorities. I don’t know if they’ll actually do anything about it but I just want everyone to know it is not okay to make threats like this online. Even if you’re joking, in no circumstance is it okay.”

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