DoorDash driver confronts customer who got him fired

Reddit theorized what the odd message on the customer's garage meant.Unsplash: marques thomas

A video of a DoorDash driver confronting a customer whose complaint apparently led to him being terminated from the job has resurfaced, and the internet is still unsure of it all.

Clashes between delivery drivers and customers have been going viral on TikTok for quite some time, as viewers are always interested in seeing how things play out.

One of the most infamous clips involves a DoorDash worker approaching a customer who allegedly got him fired. The video begins with the worker walking into the building, and telling the woman in question “I delivered food here yesterday from Chipotle, and you put down that I didn’t deliver it to you.”

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The delivery had seemingly been made to a work-based building, and he recognized the woman who supposedly gave him the poor rating. 

DoorDash driver threatens to call the cops

Things heated up, and the DoorDash driver eventually brought the woman into frame. His voice is clearly trembling, and he tells her: “This is my only source of income, I do this every day. Now I’m fired from my job, because you want your ten dollar burrito?” he asks. 

He continues: “Are you out of your mind? Who does this? Who raised you?”

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The man then prompts the woman for her corporate number, and to speak to her manager. He says: “I need to get your a** fired.” The woman finally responds to him saying that she will contact DoorDash. “Yeah, you wanna’ tell them you got your food?” he asks. All the while, another person enters the building, and the woman again ignores the DoorDash driver. 

The driver even took a swipe at the woman’s manager after he got involved in things. “It’s ‘cause of her,” he says. Again, he repeats to the manager, “You have thieves working here.”

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Underneath the video, which sparked a slew of comments, users were quick to criticize the system at DoorDash, with one writing: “The real problem here is the power dynamic between the worker and the platform.”

“DoorDash has left the power of feedback and consequences directly with the customers. So now when real workers make deliveries they are at the mercy of the people who ordered.”

Another offered a solution: “Call the cops and demand the organization show camera footage.”

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This isn’t the first time DoorDash drivers have experienced controversy, as one worker apparently texted a customer, “It’s part of life,” after delivering the order to the wrong address. 

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