PewDiePie just threw shade at David Dobrik again

PewDiePie throws shade at David DobrikYouTube: PewDiePie, David Dobrik

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg isn’t shying away from taking shots at fellow influencer David Dobrik amid the multiple allegations surrounding his older prank videos.

David Dobrik is currently one of the internet’s most divisive influencers. Once YouTube’s top vlogger, Dobrik is now facing the loss of multiple sponsors and thousands of subscribers in wake of his recent controversies.

For those out of the loop, Dobrik is facing backlash for his previous vlogs, where he orchestrated a number of pranks that made participants uncomfortable — including one prank that left influencer Seth Francois “traumatized.”

While many content creators have shared their opinions on the matter, one of the biggest to weigh in on the subject is PewDiePie, who currently reigns as YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator.

David Dobrik VIEWS podcastYouTube: David Dobrik VIEWS
David Dobrik has lost billions of YouTube views and subscribers after his past pranks have come under intense scrutiny.

In March, PewDiePie notably took shots at Dobrik during one of his own videos, calling him “shady” and “weird” amid the allegations that were surfacing against him at the time.

“How is he able to get away with all this sh*t?” the YouTuber asked. “He’s doing so much weird sh*t. If I did that, I’d be canceled. How is he doing it?”

That wasn’t the last time he’d throw shade at Dobrik, either; on April 13, Kjellberg took another shot at the influencer after reacting to one of Dobrik’s TikToks.

The video in question showed Dobrik holding a whiskey bottle that had been gifted to him from Tesla, prompting PewDiePie to take a dig at allegations against Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek for allegedly supplying alcohol to underage drinkers.

“Oh, David Dobrik?” Kjellberg jibbed as the TikTok began to play. “I thought he was done by now! What are you gonna do with that alcohol David, huh? You slimeball, you sleazeball.”

(Topic begins at 9:25)

“Look at that!” he continued, mocking Dobrik’s shocked tone of voice. “Can’t wait for my friends to get drunk off of that so I can get content!”

While it’s clear that PewDiePie isn’t too shy to poke at other creators, he has predicted a comeback for Dobrik — although there’s no telling when, or if, the internet will be willing to welcome him back.