Macaiyla jokes “let me live” after xQc and KaiCenat roast her on Twitch

xqc and kai cenatTwitch: xQc, Kai Cenat

Twitch streamer Macaiyla has responded to popular streaming alumni Kai Cenat and xQc after they playfully roasted her during a recent broadcast.

Former Cloud9 streamer Macaiyla is no stranger to fielding lighthearted jokes, going as far to mock herself in her Twitter bio when it comes to her “big mf chin.”

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Sporting the same brand of jovial humor is Kai Cenat and xQc, who have been making waves in the Twitch community, especially with the former surpassing him as the most-subscribed Twitch streamer.

After collaborating together during a Twitch livestream, Macaiyla called both out over some comical comments they made about her appearance.

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xQc and Kai Cenat admire Macaiyla’s “strong” chin during Twitch stream

During their November 26 Twitch broadcast, xQc and Kai Cenat patterned up to bring their viewers a collaborative experience. Naturally, the pair brought some hilarious banter to the proceedings, bringing xQc’s friend Maicayla into the conversation.

While xQc was viewing pictures of Maicayla and her boyfriend Tyler1 on Google Images, Kai Cenat suddenly exclaimed: “She got a strong ass chin! Let me see that chin.”

“Brooooo!” xQc responded, prompting Cenat to return a puzzled “what bro? what the f***! stop panicking.”

xQc explained “she’s one of my close friend’s bro” before Cenat claimed he should “defend” her.

After catching wind of the broadcast, Macaiyla tweeted: “ARE YOU SERIOUS MAN CAN YALL LET ME LIVE DAMN!!!!!”

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“Bro Kai liked and then unliked the tweet can I just catch a break god damn we just had thanksgiving,” added Macaiyla.

It’s all love between the Twitch giants, evidenced by their ability to laugh off jibes from one another.

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