xQc exposes Twitch viewer who donated nearly 200 times to trash talk him

xQc cleans roomTwitch: xQc

Twitch streamer xQc responded to a viewer who was determined to interact with him, following a number of donations totalling $850 to gain his attention with trash talk.

Whether it is streamers like xQc, Amouranth or Pokimane, viewers are eager to gain the attention of their favourite creators.

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has had his fair share of unique viewer interactions, though some situations have certainly escalated too far.

Joining the legion of viewers vying for xQc’s recogniton, one Twitch viewer dropped multiple donations in the hope that they could barrage the streamer with some colorful comments.

Twitch viewer donates nearly 200 times to blast xQc

During xQc’s November 25 Twitch livestream, the streaming megastar investigated a series of donations that totalled $850 in value. Donated by a viewer known as ‘Ctvvv’, xQc waded through a river of $5 donations that included continually negative comments.

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Taking aim at xQc’s gaming prowess and streaming content, the peculilar interaction saw comments such as “the sad reality is that 90% of the chat has better rizz than xQc.”

Other comments blasted xQc’s “cookie cutter type aim”, while another claimed “xQc, you talk a lot but don’t really say anything.”

After viewing the intial wave of comments, xQc was dumbfounded to discover that the viewer had donated nearly 200 times to get his attention. “170 dono’s!” xQc exclaimed to his audience.

It undoubtedly won’t be the last time that xQc recieves comments of a similar nature.

The Twitch streamer recently left viewers confused following an abrupt end to his livestream on November 22. Citing that he was in a “crazy headspace”, xQc ended his broadcast quicker than viewers expected.

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