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Ludwig reveals exclusive YouTube Gaming extension with Twitch features

Published: 8/Dec/2021 18:58

by Dylan Horetski


Ludwig has announced an exclusive browser extension that brings much-loved Twitch features over to YouTube Gaming.

As more and more Twitch streamers move over to YouTube Gaming, one of the common complaints from fans claims that the platform is missing some of the features viewers have gotten used to on the Amazon-owned site.

Just days after TimTheTatman and DrLupo made the switch from Twitch to YouTube in September, BTTV brought their emote catalog over to the site to help solve the growing interest in emotes.

In a video uploaded on December 8, Ludwig explained that Twitch has a lot of features that are missing from YouTube, and he’s not happy with that — so he’s found a fix.


Ludwig YouTube
YouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig joined the ranks of YouTube on November 27, and now he wants to make it better.

Ludwig announces YouTube extension

In an effort to make the viewing experience better for his 2.2 million fans, he hired ‘ottomated’ to create a brand-new Mogul.TV extension, as he has created various extensions for him before.

Ludwig said: “Right now, this extension only works for Google Chrome, but it lets you connect your Twitch account so that if you become a member on YouTube, it would add up all your subs from Twitch, so you become a 22-month sub instead of a one month member.

“It basically makes it so you didn’t waste hundreds of dollars on me.”

Ludwig also explained that there are many other features available on the extension, with more to come. A few of these include channel points, the ability to change your name, all the emotes from his channel, and the ability to raid any video on YouTube.


He also noted that, while the extension currently only works on Google Chrome, he is working with Otto to make it available for Safari and Firefox “very soon.”

Despite holding the record for the all-time highest sub count on Twitch, the creator joined the ranks of YouTube Gaming on November 29 — just two months after DrLupo and TimTheTatman.