Ludwig has perfect reaction to his third YouTube ban in just one week

Isaac McIntyre
Ludwig looks shocked on YouTube stream.

Ludwig Ahgren has had a rocky start to life on YouTube Gaming, being whacked with three DMCA-related stream suspensions in just the past seven days, but the former Twitch star has still been able to see the funny side.

On December 5, the popular streaming star was whacked with yet another YouTube suspension; his third since joining the platform from Twitch last week.

All three of his rapid-fire bans ⁠— none of which actually lasted that long ⁠— were DMCA related, which left the streamer scratching his head after ironically declaring “not in this car” about copyright strikes when he revealed to the world in late November that he would be shifting allegiances to YouTube.

Ludwig’s latest suspension came during his Sunday stream, just six days after his defection. The star was, as usual for his streams, watching YouTube videos and reacting when he was hit with the banhammer.

And, of course, Ludwig had the perfect response.

“Guys, I just realized something big,” the newly-minted YouTuber said. “I actually have to make content on this website… I can’t just f**king react to things anymore!”

Ludwig stunned on first YouTube stream.
Ahgren has already collected a trio of YouTube strikes in his very first week.

Of course, Ludwig wasn’t really being serious about his future.

The former Twitch star has built a huge, loyal fanbase on sharing his takes on things, reacting to current events, videos, and streams, and streamer crossovers. He has no plans to pivot away from that on YouTube, but the DMCA suspensions do leave him scratching his head on how to move forward.

“I’ve been getting these warnings during streams, when I watch things. And I figured that meant they were going to take the money from me. But it meant they were going to take my ass down,” he said. “So gotta figure that out.”

“The problem is YouTube thinks we’re making content out of these videos, but it’s just reacting to other people’s content. They don’t get it. That makes it hard.”

Then he joked: “I’ll be okay, I know I’ll be okay, but there’s no way other [Twitch] guys like Mizkif, Hasan, even xQc can ever come to YouTube and survive.”

Ludwig quickly set about trying to figure out how to skirt around the YouTube DMCA issue. While he didn’t find a solid solution, he did suggest one hilarious option.

The 26-year-old unveiled his genius idea midway through his return stream, an hour after suspension on December 5. According to the Californian star ⁠— very tongue-in-cheek, mind you ⁠— he can pull up “like five videos” at the same time, play them all, and the algorithm won’t know what to do.

Ludwig then revealed the YouTube bans aren’t the end of the world by any means. In fact, these suspensions “aren’t so much bans, as just like, stream stops,” he explained. “They stop my stream, but I can just load it up again.

“Right now what I can do is react to whatever I want, then get this DMCA thing. Then I just restart my stream. It’s not great, really, but it’s something.”

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